2014+ RTW Background

In December 2007 Susan and I decided to sail round the world and in 2008 we signed up with the Blue Water Rally (BWR) for their 2009-2011 Rally. I originally had a dream of sailing our boat under the Sydney Bridge, however Sydney was 1000 miles off the BWR route and we were therefore unable to fulfil that dream

When we got back from the BWR we felt there was so much of the islands around the BWR route, that we had been unable to visit in the very tight 2 years and that we would like to do most of the route again, but a bit slower.

After settling back home and sorting out many of the issues which had built up while we were away, we have decided that we should make every effort to fulfil our dreams and we plan to set off from Turkey, where our boat is currently berthed, in the middle of 2014.

We have been improving Enchantress since we got back from the BWR, however we have lots to do to get the boat ready as well as many domestic arrangements. We have however started on the project and will update the website as we progress.




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This page was last modified on January 13, 2014