2014+ RTW Plans

UPDATED 22/7/2014


We are progressing the RTW (2014+) project and have completed most of the major tasks and we are finalising our route and schedule.


The boat is in good shape and a number of improvements have been done, these are listed on the Re-fit page.


We have 3 systems on board:

  • The Navionics Gold electronic charts, which work in our cockpit Chart Plotter and also on our PC. We have charts covering all of the planned trip incl.:

    • The Mediterranean

    • France & Iberia, incl the Canarias

    • The Caribbean

    • South America, incl the Glapagos Islands

    • The Pacific,

    • New Zealand

    • Australia

    • Indian Ocean

    • Middle East

    • The UK& Ireland

  • The Maxsea PC system with charts for the whole world. We are just about to upgrade this system to have the latest software and charts.

  • Paper Charts. We have charts taking us most of the way round the world until we get to New Zealand.

Safety Equipment:

These were all attended to including:

  • Our liferaft was serviced in Spring 2014.

  • We bought 2 new Spinlock lifejackets in 2009 and these will have new sensors and lights fitted. We have bought 3 new top of the range Crewsaver lifejackets and. We have checked our other lifejackets and replaced the sensors and lights.

  • We have a Jordan Series Drogue  for storm conditions.

  • We have 2 EPIRBs (satellite emergency beacons) on board one of which was new in 2009 and has been serviced. We have also bought a new automatic EPIRB.

  • Man Overboard Detectors. We have bought 3 new AIS beacons, which attach to our new lifejackets. We have also bought an AIS detector (Digital Yacht Lifeguard) which will raise an alarm if there is an AIS MOB signal.

  • We have an AIS system, which picks up transmissions from all large boats giving their name, speed, course etc. We also transmit our details.

  • We have 3 fixed GPS systems on board, 1 for the Chart Plotter, 1 for the AIS and 1 old one as backup. We also have 2 hand held GPS systems.

  • We also have the usual offshore sailing safety equipment e.g. flares etc, all of which are in the process of being updated.


We have a Schenker water maker, which makes 30 Litres per hour and this has been fully serviced. We have 550 ltr in our 2 water tanks and once we leave Europe we will intend to make nearly all our water using the watermaker.


We have 4 domestic batteries giving 440 ahr of battery power for domestic use and an engine start battery. The domestic batteries have all been replaced. We have quite a lot of equipment which relies on the domestic batteries so battery charging is a key issue. We also have some equipment which relies on 240 volts.

12 Volt:

  • navigation & sailing instruments (Chart Plotter, AIS, MOB System, Depth Sonar, Speed, Log, Wind, VHF, SSB, Radar, Navtex, GPS, Navigation Lights, Domestic Lights, Water Pump, Bilge Pump)

  • electric genoa & Furling winches

  • Fridge / Freezer

  • Water maker

240 Volt:

  • Microwave, PC

For battery charging we have:

  • 4 x 100 watt solar panels

  • an 80amp generator on our engine

  • a diesel generator which gives 240 volts to drive the 240 volt systems plus a 12 v battery charger

  • wind generator

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This page was last modified on July 23, 2014